Groove Catcher


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We made TechRaptor’s ‘Best of Play NYC’ 2019 List! They loved it. And they did an additional feature.

Holy hell, did I love Groove Catcher
- Robert N. Adams, TechRaptor

Groove Catcher is an award-winning, energetic VR game that takes the rhythm game genre to the next level by including the music’s melody and groove in its core gameplay. By going beyond the typical 'mash & smash on the beat' design, it gets players moving musically, using motion dynamics to lead players into expressive movements.

It’s more than just fun - players learn to follow a musical piece in different ways, using their ears, eyes and body. Each level is hand-crafted by a dancer, so it closely reflects the dancer's interpretation of the melody and groove of the music.

Groove Catcher is in a stable, playable, demo-able alpha state.

Groove Catcher is a companion project to Sculptor, a prototype VR tool for creating dynamic music sculptures (and for creating Groove Catcher levels!).

Gameplay and testimonial videos