Graphics Pipeline Developer Needed ASAP for VR Game Project
Vive Focus Port

Project Overview 

Vizmoo is looking for paid short-term help porting the VR music game Groove Catcher from HTC Vive to Vive Focus. It will likely involve heavy optimization of the graphics pipeline. The project must be ready for final testing and tweaking by mid-December, 2018. The port is needed in such a short time-frame so Groove Catcher can be used by a 3rd-party to demo their new multi-platform 6DOF controller system at CES in January 2019.

Groove Catcher

 Groove Catcher (GC) is an award-winning, energetic VR game that takes the rhythm game genre to the next level by including the music’s melody and groove in its core gameplay. By going beyond the typical 'mash & smash on the beat' model, it gets players moving musically and immerses them in the music. GC won two awards (for Most Innovative and for Best Music) at the Gameacon expo in October 2018, and has been selected for the Super MAGFest MIVS competition in January 2019.


GC is built in Unity for HTC Vive using SteamVR. It also runs without modification on Oculus Rift and WMR headsets. The Vive Focus uses Vive’s Wave SDK for VR apps, and the port from SteamVR to Wave is expected to be relatively easy. The challenge is expected to be in optimizing GC to run on the Snapdragon 835 system inside the Focus, which is much less powerful than the gaming systems used to run a regular Vive system. GC has relatively simple graphics, but has only been minimally optimized thus far. The port has not yet started, as this opportunity at CES came up just recently, and the extent of required optimizations is unknown.

After being used for CES in 2019, the port will be used for further demos and is expected to be released commercially for Vive Focus in the first half of 2019. The port, and in particular the optimizations, will help prepare for porting the game for the upcoming Oculus Quest.

Time Frame

The project can start likely by the end of the week of November 12 (pending new hardware delivery), with a version the client can fully test due mid-December. Final deadline will be the first week of January, the week before CES starts. The outside developer will be needed most intensely until mid-December, with an approximate time commitment of 40 hours. Depending on availability and schedule, the outside developer may serve primarily an advisory role for Vizmoo’s developer, or a direct coding role.

Developer Requirements

·        Unity experience
·        Strong graphics pipeline skills
·        VR experience
·        Ability to work well under time pressure
·        Ability to communicate effectively with other developers
·        Ability to jump into an existing code base and hit the ground running

 About Vizmoo

Vizmoo is a young startup started by a CGGT student, located in Wynnewood, just outside Philadelphia. We’re working on our first game, Groove Catcher, which evolved out of the artistic music sculptor tool Sculptor ( We’re moving fast, getting great feedback and gaining momentum. We will be looking for developers to join our team soon when seed funding is secured.

Michael Stauffer, Founder, Vizmoo