We had a great time at the SxSW Gaming Expo

It was great to meet all the new folks who tried Groove Catcher, and we really appreciate all the enthusiasm you have for the game!

Please help us spread the word about Groove Catcher!

You can post videos below or share our existing posts on social, or just shout it from the rooftops. The more the word gets out, the more we can build the game and the sooner we can release it to all of you.


Leaderboard Tournament


We ran a great leaderboard tournament - the top 6 players over Friday and Saturday played new, harder levels in a tournament and they rocked it!

Our winners: Kevin, Alyssa and Lillia

You can check the full leaderboard and your score for Friday and Saturday. Videos below.

And thanks to our friends at Synchrony LEDs for the awesome first prize - intelligent music-tracking LED light strips.

The Music

Did you love the music in the game? Check it out here.