Graphic Designer Needed


I'm looking for someone to create artwork and look & feel for a VR music-dance game I'm creating, called Groove Catcher (for now, at least). The game is a rhythm game in which you 'catch' 'sculps' that represent lines of the music danced by another performer, and smash 'sculps' that represent rhythmic moments. It's similar to Beat Saber but moves beyond it by adding catching of melodic lines.

I need logo, artwork and short animations for splash screen and intro/outro in promo videos, artwork and design for in-game scene, etc.

Here are some OLD trailer videos. The game looks similar now but gameplay is more polished and works well.

It's ready for public demo'ing and use as a playable prototype - I demo'ed it at the Franklin Institute recently to some great response (and no bugs!). Below is some video from players at FI.

I'm bootstrapping this whole thing, so ideally will pay for work partly up-front in cash, and the balance either after fund-raising or from a cut of future revenues (with a higher fee and risk).

If you're interested, contact me with any questions, and send me a link to some examples of your work.