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Groove Catcher (VR rhythm game)

Sculptor (VR dynamic music sculptor tool)

About Vizmoo

Vizmoo’s mission is to develop creative, innovative games and artistic tools that blend music, dance and the visual arts.

About Michael Stauffer

Michael Stauffer is the founder of Vizmoo and creative director. He is a long-time software developer with experience in technical projects ranging from medical imaging, to neural modeling, and to music visualization. The Sculptor and Groove Catcher projects come from a long-burning interest in music visualization, fueled by Michael’s passions as a musician, dancer and all-around geek. He’s currently involved in biomedical data visualization and exploration in VR, as well as developing the Groove Catcher and Sculptor projects. He works and creates in Philadelphia, PA.

About Bill DeHaven

Bill heads up business development at Vizmoo, as well as being an all-around Problem Solver. At his core, Bill is an entrepreneur with experience in product development, land development, finance, personnel and business management, logistics, and training.  With a foundation in Mechanical Engineering and a strong creative drive, he has excelled in producing quality results in all his endeavors.  He’s currently running both his own contracting business and the back end of AHA Studio For Integrated Therapies - a therapeutic arts and counseling center his wife started 7 years ago. 

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